4 Week On-Line CBT-Fit Course

Learn the Skills to Stop

Learn the Skills to Help Yourself Lose Weight and Keep it Off!

Do you struggle to lose weight? Do you manage to lose weight only to have it all creep back on again? Have you tried countless diets, always looking to find the one that ‘works’? This constant cycle of weight loss and weight gain is difficult and frustrating and can leave yourself feeling helpless and unhappy. So how can our online CBT-Fitness course help you?

Together, we will change HOW you think about food and training. Change your mind to change your body. We know that losing weight is more than eating less and moving more. It is a skill that we have to learn. After all, most of us know how and what we should eat in order to lose weight. The difficult part is for us to stay motivated and stick with our food & training plan. This 4 week independent course will show you a first-hand perspective of how you can achieve lasting weight loss by learning the proper mindset skill! 

Here is what you will get TODAY!

You will get 28 simple and effective lessons that you can complete over 4 weeks, or in anytime frame that works for you. You decide the pace that makes sense for your lifestyle.


+ Find Your Motivation
+ Build Your Credit List
+ Declutter “Hot” Zones
+ Set Your Success Schedule
+ Hunger vs. Cravings, is there a difference? 


+ Learn The Skill Of Distraction
+ Challenge Your Relationship With Food
+ Stop Over-Eating
+ Learn To Stop Making Excuses



+ Overcome “Unfair” Mentality
+ Understand Negative / Sabotaging Thoughts
+ Learn to Correct & Respond To Unhelpful Thoughts
+ Learn How To Say No To People That Sabotage Your Dieting Efforts


+ Eat Out & Travel With New Found Confidence
+ Say Yes Or No To Booze
+ Understand Emotional Eating
+ Techniques To Reduce Stress
+ Moving Forward ToolKit


Just Imagine If You Could...

+ Finally understand exactly why you have cravings & feel hungry.

+ Know what to do when those urges arise.

+ Stop responding to the urges & put yourself back in charge of your health and fitness transformation / lifestyle.

+ Uncover and remove all of the unhelpful thoughts that have prevented you from being able to transform your body.

+ Get your life back and start seeing the possibilities for yourself, instead of having so many limitations due to unhelpful thoughts, binge eating or deprivation.

Is the program for me?

+ You want instruction on how to use CBT concepts pertaining to health & fitness
+ Your schedule or budget does not allow you to work 1-to 1 or take the CBT-Fitness certification course. 
You would like to have all of the lessons and resources to use whenever you are ready for them, with no waiting.
+ You feel more comfortable and have more insights when you work independently and privately.
+ You want to go deeper into things that challenge you. 
+ You are searching for a simple, efficient and effective approach to stopping food from sabotaging your fitness efforts.

Investment $149usd
(Regular $299)

Are you a fitness professional? Take the course for yourself and then apply it to your own business!

Jill Bunny – Your Instructor!

Here are a few things you should know about her:

  •  She is a functional nutritionist and elite body composition trainer.
  •  She has coached thousands of women around the world for weight loss and body building competitions.
  • She is a cancer survivor.
  • She lives with MS.
  • She is a retired 4x IFBB Champion 
  • She is a 5x Cover Model 
  • She is the first fitness professional to bring the concepts of CBT into the publication world.